business on a design website? Huh?

Posted on July 1, 2012 by domidesign

What has business to do on a design website? You might say nothing. Basically there are two reasons for that. First of all, I only studies business administration but not design. Design is only my hobby. I could have left this topic out but it would have been a shame since it’s also interesting to talk about this in a open way.
The second reason why it has to be here, business has a lot more in common with design than many people think. If you want to have a good business you need to design it well. And even the design of a building or an office space can influence your business. Might sound strange but it’s like that. So in this section you will find posts and comments in the business field. Especially you will find things for communication, design thinking and other integrated business approaches.
And you also might ask how come the business section has a tree as logo? It’s because a business has to grow like a tree. Slowly and peaceful and also might have to accept that some branches of you can’t grow anymore or will be cut. But no matter what, the way to grow is always upwards toward the sun. So enjoy the sunshine and good luck for your business if you have any.

More coming soon…