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new project – mylifeinpictures.ch

Posted on 03/02/13 by domidesign No Comments

I started a new project, it’s called my life in pictures. You can access it through http://www.mlip.ch or http://www.mylifeinpictures.ch. There I post one new picture every day and the picture was taken on that day. Happy watching I will keep you updated here with full galleries and simple shots. Soon there will be pictures coming […]

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Best of Asia

Posted on 12/24/12 by domidesign

I searched through de depth of my computer and selected (in my opinion) the best pictures about Asia which I shot in the last 5 years when I was traveling there. Please enjoy and if you want to buy one as print, just contact me Visit Full screen gallery:

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Miyako – Japan

Posted on 11/12/12 by domidesign

Here a few pictures from my last trip in Miyako (Miyakojima) Japan. A beautiful island in the very south of JapanVisit Full screen gallery:

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Kyoto – Japan

Posted on 11/06/12 by domidesign No Comments

Here a few pictures from my last trip in Kyoto Japan. The last two pictures are from Hong Kong.Visit Full screen gallery:

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lights in the night – abstract

Posted on 07/01/12 by domidesign

I took these shots while I was waiting for the train in the city of Bern. It’s amazing what all kind of lights you can see in the city night. However I think the moon and stars which I can see at my home during the night is still a bit more exciting to watch […]

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Shanghai – architecture

Posted on 07/01/12 by domidesign

This is a series of shots from buildings in Shanghai (ok there is not much else there anyway XD). I took them during several trips there. A wonderful city with many architectural highlights and there are even more to come. Currently they are building a 600m high tower next to the SWFC and Jin Mao […]

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ishigaki – Japan

Posted on 07/01/12 by domidesign

I took this pictures during my trip in ishigaki, Japan in 2011. A wonderful small japanese island, not very well know by foreign tourists but a highly recommended place to go. Nice people, great food and a wonderful landscape. Visit Full screen:

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reidigen hiking trip

Posted on 07/01/12 by domidesign

These photographs were taken during a hiking trip in the mountains close to my home. The mountain is called Reidigen and from there you have a wonderful panoramic view towards the swiss alps and swiss prealps. You can see the cantons of Friborug, Bern and Wallis. Visit Full screen:

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summer flowers

Posted on 06/10/12 by domidesign

a series of shots of shots taken in the garden in the early sunset. Visit Full screen:

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